Where do you start when you’ve been tasked with finding corporate gifts for people you’ve never met? After all, choosing workplace gifts can be tricky, even when you know the people.

So how do you find a Christmas gift that will resonate with valued clients or suppliers you’ve never met? Or something meaningful to reward a high-achieving employee on the 3rd floor.

What seems like a pleasant task can quickly become time-consuming and frustrating. It’s tempting to reach for the predictable, branded drinks bottles, travel cups or generic hampers.

But Narelle Wilson, our director at Wildwood Studio Gift Boxes, thinks this is a missed opportunity to make your gift, and by default, your company – more memorable.

‘When you’re looking for a gift to celebrate an achievement, a milestone or a successful business relationship, a dash of originality goes a long way.

You want to make your recipient feel valued and appreciated and, well…special. So, avoid generic or gimmicky gifts – their desk drawers are already full of those!

Start with a bit of research and, if possible, ask around to find out anything you can about the gift recipient.

Think about their work environment. Start with something practical but original, they’d be happy to display or use on their desk – a cloth notebook, a handmade leather coin tray or a unique set of coasters.


Buying a corporate gift for a total stranger? Go back to basics


If your research didn’t yield anything useful about your gift recipients’ likes or dislikes – keep things simple.

Everyone uses a cup, glass or drink bottle in the workplace. Why not choose one that’s sustainably produced, from a local business or both.

Instead of adding your branding or – if that’s a deal-breaker – in addition to your branding, personalise the gift with your recipient’s name or initials.

Think about everyday items that can be used on-the-go, or outside the office.

The popularity of ‘statement’ socks, means the humble pair of socks has moved from being a dull option to a stylish one.

Lots of people exercise before, during or after their work day, so a lightweight, super-absorbent towel is a useful addition to any sports bag.

A handmade leather key ring or fob is both practical and unique – even more so if it’s monogramed with your recipient’s initials.

And, of course, a favourite personal touch of ours is to always include a handwritten note or card.


So, don’t hit the panic button when you’re asked to shop for corporate strangers. Keep your choices simple but add a splash of originality that will delight the recipient and give your gift meaning.

If you’re really stumped or simply don’t have time to explore your gift options, why not let Wildwood Studio Gift Boxes do it for you? Our curated gift boxes are a quick, easy but thoughtful option for your corporate gifts. We can even create bespoke boxes for you.

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