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Meet Ilka, the talented designer behind you | me | berlin.

Ilka designs and handmakes architectural and minimalist inspired silver jewellery in her studio in Perth’s southern suburbs.

We hope you enjoy learning a little more about Ilka, her business journey and her beautifully crafted jewellery.




How long have you been running your business and how did you get started?

It all started 4 years ago when I was inspired to try jewellery making whilst living in Berlin and seeing some gorgeous artists during my time there.

When I returned to Perth in 2016, I enrolled in a beginner’s silver jewellery course at Fremantle Arts Centre and found I absolutely loved it.

At the end of the 8-week course, I decided I wanted to keep learning, practising and making so I went out and bought a heap of tools to set up a little studio from home.

That’s how it all began and I have been operating for 3 years now.

What type of materials do you work with and where do you source them from?

I work predominantly with solid sterling silver and some designs featuring solid brass.

I try to keep it as local as possible and source as most of my material and supplies from Perth. I also source some materials from the Eastern States. 

Where are your products made and what’s your workspace like?

All my pieces are handcrafted in my studio by me!

Since moving house a month ago, I‘m so excited to have my own little studio (and not taking up a corner of the dining area 😀).

I have my main workbench cluttered with tools and one behind me with additional equipment.

My workspace has a lovely big window next to my bench which fills the room with lovely natural light.

I do all of my designing, sawing, filing, polishing etc. In this room and then have a little workbench in the garage where I can solder and do some forming work.

Do you use any specialised tools or equipment? Do you have something on your wish list that would improve your processes?

I use quite a few different types of tools when making jewellery, the main ones would be a jeweller’s saw, soldering torch, various pliers, files, hammers and a hand tool with different polishing mops and brushes.

There are so many jewellery tools that I would love to have, from more hand tools to bigger equipment like a rolling mill… every time I look online or go into a supplier’s store, I find something else to add to the long list.


Where do your design ideas come from?

My inspiration for my designs comes from many different things.

Having a background in Interior Design, I look to architecture, lighting, furniture as well as fashion, photography and all things minimalist.

I love looking at the smallest details, intersections and shadows to find interesting aspects and inspirations.

What’s your vision for your business going forward?

My vision for this year is to find more stockists in WA and also the Eastern States and grow my online presence.

What’s the one piece of advice you’d offer to a new maker/designer starting out today?

Just be brave and put yourself out there.

I was extremely hesitant when I first started my business to approach stores or people to show my product and ask to be stocked or even just for feedback.

To be honest it still makes me nervous to approach people I don’t know.

However, thanks to my super supportive partner’s encouragement (or rather, loving, constant pushing 🤣) I got out there and found some wonderful stockists which in turn gave me a massive boost to keep creating.

So be brave and believe in yourself, your brand and your product.

What’s the best thing about your products being included in Wildwood Studio’s Gift Boxes?

I hope my product becomes a treasured keepsake and loved piece in the jewellery collection for the gift receiver.

Something that will be a reminder of the occasion and the person giving the gift for many years to come.


We’re delighted to feature products from you|me|berlin 
in these Wildwood Studio gift boxes:

Take Me Out Gift Box

Simplicity Gift Box

And don’t forget – you can create your own experience in a box.

Let us know which products you’d like to include, and we’ll do the rest.





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