Make sure your gift is memorable for the right reasons


Your gifting budget and your good wishes will be wasted if you send a corporate gift that’s forgettable or too generic. Worse still – you might harm your relationship if your gift is memorable for how inappropriate it was.

Whatever your budget, your gift giving can be a success if you’re organised and don’t mind doing a little digging.

Start by considering the message you want your gift to convey – then plan the best approach to achieve this within your budget.

Here are a few dos and don’ts to help you avoid corporate gift blunders, and make the best impression possible, whatever the occasion.


Do: Allocate enough time to find a quality gift that aligns with your budget.

Remember, your gift represents the value you place on your relationship with the recipient. The lower the budget, the more time you need to find suitable, quality options.


× Don’t: Pick a generic gift because it’s cheap or easier for you.

A standard Christmas hamper filled with random items won’t make a lasting impression. It will quickly be forgotten and added to the pile to be divvied up among your recipient’s team.


Do: Build a gift register to record information for every gift recipient, such as:

  • Company gifting policies
  • Personal likes or dislikes
  • Cost
  • What you sent
  • Why you chose it

You’ll create a useful database to refer to, and your organisation will have a resource for anyone else managing gift giving in the future.


× Don’t: Send the same gift every time.

This is a sure-fire way to make your gift memorable for all the wrong reasons.

Don’t choose gifts based on a discount or other benefit for your business – instead, focus on delivering the best outcome for your recipient.


Do: Conduct client research.

When your gift is for a client, a little bit of research goes a long way. Contact someone within their organisation and ask about the gift policy. For example, are there limits on the value of gifts they’re allowed to receive?

If possible, find out if your client has any strong likes or dislikes. These answers will help you choose an appropriate gift that will delight your client.


× Don’t: Choose a gift that’s too extravagant.

Even if the gift policy doesn’t limit the value of gifts received, avoid giving anything that’s too extravagant.

There’s a big difference between sending a quality gift box or a ticket to a Grand Prix – your goal is to make your recipient feel appreciated and valued, not uncomfortable.




If you do it right, corporate gift giving is a fantastic way to celebrate your business relationships.

At Wildwood Studio, we excel at creating thoughtfully curated gift boxes. We’re the only choice when you want superior quality gifts that go beyond the ordinary. Get in touch today.


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